Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess Stardust TP por Neil Gaiman

October 17, 2019

Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess Stardust TP por Neil Gaiman

Titulo del libro: Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess Stardust TP

Autor: Neil Gaiman

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 19, 2005

Número de páginas: 224 páginas

ISBN: 156389470X

Editor: DC Comics

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Written by Neil Gaiman Art and cover by Charles Vess Don't miss this new softcover edition of the classic tale written by New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN) and illustrated by Charles Vess, released to coincide with the major motion picture starring Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeifer! In a Victorian-era tale of magic and romance, young Tristran Thorn falls in love with the town beauty and must go on an incredible coming-of-age journey in order to capture her heart. Living in the small countryside town of Wall, one night Tristran vows to his beloved to retrieve a fallen star that they witnessed crashing down from the heavens. Now to gain his love's hand, he must leave behind his home and embark on a journey that will define the meaning of true love. Told through breathtaking painted illustrations, this fairytale for adults is a true masterpiece in storytelling.