Fired Up For Gold por Ameia Wilson

October 18, 2019

Fired Up For Gold por Ameia Wilson

Titulo del libro: Fired Up For Gold

Autor: Ameia Wilson

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Fired Up For Gold follows Ameia Wilson, a high school junior who aspires to be a track and field state champion. Born and raised in Danville, Illinois—a small city that has a heart of gold despite the ever-growing poverty and criminal activity—she contributes to the Danville High School Vikings track team, led by her idol B.J. Luke (“Coach”), former DHS ‘72 football player and Hall of Fame coach, and his childhood friend Debi Hosch (“Coach Hosch”), former DHS ‘74 cheerleader and teacher. As a returning All-American, expectations are set high for Ameia as she faces off against rivals, and attempts to be a good leader for the team. As the season progresses, she learns important lessons and finds out that she has more potential than she thought. Most importantly, she must constantly battle against her greatest challenge yet: herself.